Wednesday, 8 August 2012

top 5 2012 Olympians

1. Chinese trampoline gold medalist Dong Dong

2. Seychellois middle distance runner Gaylord Silly, he looks like a Gaylord.

3. French hammer thrower Quentin Bigot, he looks like a Bigot.
4. Mauritian boxer Jason Lavigilante, he looks like a vigilante.
5. American handballer Destinee Hooker, she looks like a hand ball player.

They are all winners, in my eyes. That's because their names are funny.


  1. What about Dong Dong's mate Ding Ding? He's a boxer

  2. Wasn't their an athlete called Stambolova that fell in her race too?...she'd be in a shout for my top 5...loving onomatopoeic atheletes

    And Feck for demonstrating the best use of his name whilst diving