Thursday, 17 December 2009

top 5 alliterative activities I'd like to do with the specified celebrities

1. Bowling with Beckham.

2. Potholing with Parkinson.

3. Caddying for Kris Kristofferson.

4. Fly-fishing with Freddy Prinze Junior.

5. Driving minis with Minnie Driver.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

top 5 popular campaigns

With the slightly misguided campaign to put another song from the same major label as the X Factor winner at Xmarse number 1, I look back over my personal top 5 quixotic missions of collective spirit.

1. the BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything)- style campaign waged by the CND

2. the successful campaign to elect a man in a gorilla costume as mayor of Hartlepool.

3. the Get George Lamb Off 6music campaign, one close to my heart.

4. the widespread US Christian censorship campaign to ban the His Dark Materials triliogy by Philip Pullman CBE from public libraries, schools etc. It's just quite funny.

5. the Cornish liberation campaign. A wonderfully short-sighted attempt to secede from the UK.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

top 5 famous(-ish) people whose names sound like beers

1.) Will Carling (sounds like Carling)

2.) Beck Hanson & Jeff Beck (sound like Beck's)

3.) Fab Moretti (sounds like Birra Moretti)

4.) David Cronenberg (sounds like Kronenberg)

5.) Robert Duvall (sounds a bit like Duvel)

Monday, 14 December 2009

top 5 blogs i never got round to starting

1. my favourite hubcaps - an illustrated selection of the funkiest hubcaps on the market right now, in my opinion.

2. ifoundthis - an online lost and found, where I would attempt to restore any items i find in public places to their rightful owners. Actual success in this would require a lot of luck, and honesty.

3. shape of the month - every four weeks an exciting new shape would appear, along with its name.

4. WWPPD? (What Would Paul Potts Do?) - an advice blog based on which course of action I would imagine the Britain's Got Talent winner would take in the given situation. Situations to be left as comments on the previous week's post.

5. lolmats - a parody blog based on the popular icanhascheezburger site, containing humourous images of mats (beer, door etc) with hilarious captions.