Monday, 14 December 2009

top 5 blogs i never got round to starting

1. my favourite hubcaps - an illustrated selection of the funkiest hubcaps on the market right now, in my opinion.

2. ifoundthis - an online lost and found, where I would attempt to restore any items i find in public places to their rightful owners. Actual success in this would require a lot of luck, and honesty.

3. shape of the month - every four weeks an exciting new shape would appear, along with its name.

4. WWPPD? (What Would Paul Potts Do?) - an advice blog based on which course of action I would imagine the Britain's Got Talent winner would take in the given situation. Situations to be left as comments on the previous week's post.

5. lolmats - a parody blog based on the popular icanhascheezburger site, containing humourous images of mats (beer, door etc) with hilarious captions.

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